Freud and Rabbi Sholom Dovber the fifth Chabad Rebbe and perhaps one of the greatest Jewish mystics of all time, spoke to each for many long hours. Initially, Rabbi Sholom Dovber came to see Freud – in my interpretation, for this mystic, who literally saw from one of the world to the other, and more precisely time-wise (from the beginning to the end of history, as he predicted the future unerringly accurately,) went to see Freud, as the foundation for human psychology should be accurate. For those who study both realms, the overlap – particularly Freud’s overlap of principles of Jewish mysticism are too perfect than to be anything but understanding, and analyzing, and regurgitating the principles of Jewish mysticism as they apply to psychology. Dr Josef Berke has written a book Centers of Power: The Convergence of Psychoanalysis and Kaballah (go to his website to order) in which the details of this convergence are explained. But fundamentally, the story that I wish to share, is one in which perhaps both worldviews are almost succinctly described. Freud asked Rabbi Sholom Dovber “What do you teach?” “Chassidus.” Freud “What kind of a study is that?” Rebbe: “Whereby the heart is controlled by the mind!” Freud “Are they not two continents divided by an ocean?!” Rebbe “The goal is to cross the divide by laying a bridge spanning the two, or at least sow electrical wires underneath the sea.” In other words, all philosophies (and I heave read Plato, Aristotle, Freud, others, as well as practically all mystical philosophies,) agree, that the divide in man is between body and soul, mind and heart, but the question of course is, what can be done about it? Freud came up with theories, statistically proven not to work; while Chassidus statistically has worked wonders! Read more…

    Every generation has one Rebbe, which stands for Rosh Bnie Yisroel, the head of the Jewish people.   Like a head, he is endowed with almost Divine talents to discern through the multitude of theories (even within Judaism) and to be able to discern the true Divine will, particularly as it relates to his time.   For every generation has a unique mission!   Of course in our generation, this is Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, the Lubavitcher Rebbe.   To adhere to his opinion is to adhere to God, for the third Commandment as Maimonides teaches us, is, to listen to the Prophet in your times (and as Maimonides teaches, prophecy returned (in anticipation of the messianic age when all Jews will be great prophets) at the end of his lifetime – and the Rebbe’s prophetic abilities are well known, matching the prophetic results of earlier prophets and perhaps even exceeding them, to name but a few accurate outcomes: he predicted the six day war, the gulf war, soviet union’s collapse, the failure of the mid-east “peace” process, and his most important prediction, the soon to be messianic era!)   To discern the Rebbe’s directives, the best place is so go to, where they have culled mainly from the later talks, the Rebbe’s directives, based on the weekly Torah portion and festivals, and one very important book on education.   One of the primary directives of the Rebbe, was that people should appoint a spiritual mentor (particularly someone schooled in Chassidus / Modern Jewish mysticism) and as this is following the biblical adjunction to follow the wisdom of God through “appoint for yourself a Rabbi,” God’s wisdom, shall come through that person to them!!! (and in in health issues ask a doctor who is a friend what Read more…

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