Are you a living Torah



The living Torah is a title of a translation of the Chumash (five books of Moses) by Aryeh Kaplan OB”M


The concept of a living Torah has two possible connotations, that an ancient wisdom has modern relevance, or that the wisdom that was begun long ago continues to be refreshed, reenergized and re-given currently!


Which of the two is true?




So what do you think?


Obviously, if you are a religious Jew you will probably think the first.


But the truth is that the Torah was given in such a way that it is designed for “An Alert Student To Extrapolate New Insights.”


As God is infinite, so to is his Torah, hence the Torah is not an ancient wisdom that has modern relevance, rather the structure of Torah is such, that every Jew, particularly An Alert Student, and how much infinitely more so, the Rebbe of our times, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, must find “his section corresponding to his soul’s root” in Torah, and in this, he can bring forth messages “included in the Torah given to Moses” for the entire Jewish people.

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