Why we need Chassidus



Many people don’t realize the necessity of Chassidus


Chassidus is not a luxury


Chassidus is the revelation of the mechanism by which a Jew can fulfill his potential


Only one who seeks not truth, nor to change the world nor himself, can afford to ignore the Chassidus God shared to the world


Why is this the case?


Cannot the argument be made – for thousands of years we Jews survived quite well without Chassidus?


Do we truly need to develop our spiritual abilities?


On the contrary, when there is such darkness, shouldn’t we just consolidate normative Orthodox Judaism – shouldn’t we in fact ignore Chassidus for the bread and butter of Torah?


But the opposite is true – and as empirically proven.


It is not when you are healthy that you need medicine to strengthen yourself, but precisely when you are unhealthy!


Do you eat when you are satisfied or when you are hungry?


Chassidus is specifically the dose of inspiration that Jews need, not to become great Tzaddikim (as is abundantly clear from our generation) rather just to keep the bread and butter!

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