If I were God



If I were God I would understand reality


Reality seems so weird


What can the purpose behind it be, like Einstein said, “All I want to know are the thoughts of the Creator all of the details (e.g. the amazing universe he understood) are meaningless” (at least that is what he was saying, even if my memory of the quote is wrong.)


In other words, Einstein, who had a great mind could perceive as no other of the incredible complexity of nature which only the greatest mind could have created, hence the truth is the details are less important, as the goal, the purpose, raison d’être, of this whole mess.


And in understanding the purpose, one then has an ability to unify the details, to bring the disunity into harmony, the many parts into a symphonic whole.


So the purpose as Chassidus Jewish mysticism, coming straight from God teaches, is very very simple, yet all encompassing at the same time.


All of us have a major handicap in our thinking – i.e. we can only compare to what we know.


As such, the top of human limitation of course, is working with the matter we have, to create say a new computer etc.


None of us can imagine something and then it will come to pass.


But God can – the proof is, he did.


Now if your imagination can create reality and imagination is infinite, hence reality is infinite, for God as the Rebbe teaches us, will continuously imagine higher realms of existence (consciousness) for us to engage in.

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