Why Jews shouldn’t fear evangelical Christians or the republicans whom they pretty much form the base of



Esther Levens a dear friend of mine from Kansas City my hometown, has a coalition of 200 Jewish and Christian organizations


“You know people thought, somehow I was hoodwinked into working with Christians she tells me.


The reason I started unity coalition was because I saw a pole that said 70% of the support for Israel in America comes from evangelical Christians.


In fact when I first started joint programs I would have security hired to remove any evangelical missionizing papers – but these papers never showed.”


In other words, Jews rightfully have deep scars in their relationships with the Christian world.


But the world has definitely changed.


This is not to say ALL Christians have changed – the Catholic Church for one has and will presumably always continue to be a deep bone, supporting the PLO, the enemies of the Jews and it all has to do with worldview.


You see the very fundamental belief of the evangelical Christians is that Jews are not some kind of inferior race, rather a super, chosen by God, nation.


In fact they believe that if they act as God wishes, they TOO can become chosen by God (which is actually how Judaism sees the world – that all people behaving in God’s ways of goodness and kindness are invaluable.)


On the other hand, the Catholic Church (though many of the parishioners and perhaps even priests etc. may not subscribe to this) Jews were banned due to their rejection of Jesus – cast aside, God made them eternal sufferers.


It is for this reason they have always sided with enemies of the Jews, for it supports their notion of their ideology – one in which they scarcely desire to see eradicated by the facts on the ground.

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