Whose universe is it anyway



Many yeas ago in a plush garden a man was created – lighter than the sun – wiser than angles – master of the universe – well as we know, pride is the greatest vice of the sons of man, and he became proud.


Banished was he from his kingdom – by the sweat of your brow will you toil – in great difficulty will you give birth and your husband will dominate you – said the creator to his none so compliant children.


But the question begs – can eating a cookie from the cookie jar when mom isn’t watching, be so bad?


Can such grandeur leader to such degradation, so light lead to such darkness, over a apple?



Does the punishment fit the crime?


As we know in Jewish mysticism, the punishment is the result of the crime, it is a consequence of the crime.


Because what man symbolically did by disobeying God was not so terrible in the act, but in the ego that preceded it.


For as God cries, even an ox knows and rebels not against its master – are you foolisher, stupider, more illogical than an ox?!


The ego and truth are antonyms.


Where man is self promoting, he cannot be a subject of a higher cause.

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