We need a universal religion



Judaism is the only universal religion




Doesn’t Judaism exclude and discourage conversion?


The answer is yes and no.


Judaism sees not, my way or the highway.


Rather, Judaism sees that all men are created in the image of God, all men share an equal but distinct responsibility towards a unified goal!


In other words, most people and hence religions from people, think that uniformity is ideal.


Uniformity is as stupid as communism!


Every person seeks to make his impact on the world, which is a good thing.


If we were all the same, God may as well not have created us, for if there is a single model in the image of God, it is God, and the reality is, the God of the Bible never once says, be all the same!


Rather E-Pluribus-Unum, the true idea of harmony is many instruments playing together – each is unique, each is different, but instead of competing, they blend into a symphonic melody, which is as pleasing as the notion of unity itself.


Hence the universal religion is quite simple, Judaism states clearly, categorically, unequivocally – which will be the messianic universal reality soon – all people are children of God.


All people must serve God.


Now we know Jews have 613 commandments and Gentiles 7 commandments;


Do not worship idols


Do not curse God


Do not commit adultery


Do not murder


Do not steal


Do not harm animals


And create a justice system in the country you live


Essentially, all of these and Judaism’s commandments boil down to: Serve God through doing goodness and kindness.


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