Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

So the bottom line is, love your friends (acquaintances) as much as you love yourself – and fear no one, for all is run by a compassionate God, so even your negative experiences are in truth positive, which will be revealed to you when The Messiah Finally Arrives and Reveals The Truth Of The Past.

Love begins at home!

In modern language all of Judaism boils down to, Love your acquaintances as if they were yourself

Hate never helped anyone – least of all the person who hates. Love never hurt anyone, least of all the person who loves.

Instead of getting resentful, understand that the people that make you resentful, are people who have been made to feel resentful and though you didn’t do anything for them to resent, but they resent that you aren’t resentful.

God is unlike a human that latches unto a single or several points (at maximum) of truth, rather in every situation God advises relative to that situation.

There are countless choices to make, but there is only a single correct one, and there is only one way to figure it out, for you would need to have the wisdom to discern between countless choices which no man has – and that is to find someone who does and that is God