That’s it, I finally figured it out – I know I said this yesterday, but today is actually figuring out what I figured out yesterday, only its more figured out!




We all wonder about evil


In fact I would go so far to say good people are obsessed with the anomaly of evil


Certainly Jews – who suffered from evil – try to overcome it through weird and wonderful notions like one guy in Germany (pre-holocaust) wrote an Encyclopedia explaining all about Jews, as in this way Germans understanding Jews would not hate them.


Trouble is, didn’t work.


So here is my explanation which gives us a paradigm, a moshul, an example, which good people can relate to and hence understand and hence perhaps truly do what is needed to convert the darkness into light or at least recognize darkness and not succumb into its nefarious anti-Semitic and death trap, quite literally – as unfortunate Jews in Israel misunderstanding the motives of Arabs have, literally given their Nazi Arabs (for Arafat and all of the current Muslim brotherhood etc.. were trained (at least the forbearers of the Muslim brotherhood) by Nazis – and Hitler had an Arab killing unit and in fact it was the Arabs who advised Hitler as Mufti was a close friend on the final solution.)


Imagine the pain of a hungry man.


Now what wouldn’t that person do for hunger.


Perhaps he would kill or anything just to abate his pain.


There is a soul that is hungry.


A soul that smashed into degradation will do anything to absolve itself from its shame.


Hence we find precisely after Germany suffered the humiliation of losing world war one (though they started it, but nonetheless there was humiliation in losing as well) that is when the rise of antisemites – in fact the condition for Hitler to take over – for remember it was a democracy and he was voted in, took place.


Similarly it is no coincidence that the great humiliation to Muslim Arabs that Christian powers controlled their countries which is tantamount to a biblical transgression to them for they are commanded in the Koran to overtake all Christian countries – hence their insane desire to annihilate Israel God-forbid and in fact all of the west for in their eyes they are the hungry man looking to erase their shame.

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