Moshiach Exposed



What is Moshiach?


Who is Moshiach?


Today in a class I was giving, someone asked me, “isn’t Moshiach within?”


Is Moshiach within?


Why did our leader – the greatest Jewish saint, scholar and leader of our time, Rabbi Schneersohn promote Moshiach so strongly?


Well who better to ask then one of his Chozirim – Rabbis with photographic memories who would write down his words verbatim after Shabbos, then have them edited by the Rebbe, and culled into Sefer Hasichos, rabbi Simon Jacobson.


Rabbi Jacobson told me that the Rebbe was promoting a consciousness change.


In other words, you see, many in Lubavitch were used to the Rebbe promoting campaigns, and indeed Moshiach is a campaign, but it is not a Put On Teffilin, Light Shabbos, action campaign; it is a shift your bad thoughts to a good thoughts, campaign.


It is an internal, as well as global campaign.


It is a campaign to trust that things have changed for the better.



In fact many people try to promote Moshiach through the “look how bad it is, can’t get worse, so Moshiach must be coming!”


The Rebbe promoted Moshiach through “look how much better it is,” (compare today to the past few thousand years as a reference) “look how many many positive things have happened to us!” (and though the Rebbe only alluded to this, for some of these things happened after gimmel tammuz nonetheless many many more incredible messianic miracles have taken place, from a shift in world consciousness towards God, spirituality, meaning, love, to hundreds of millions of Christians instead of frying our .. trying to get our … to Israel, AMAZING.)


This shift of coconsciousness takes one simple shift of belief – so very very very simple – yet the greatest challenge in the world!


Mainly, instead of looking at the world through lenses of man’s perception, see God’s perception.


Instead of seeing a world run by governments, see a world run by God.


Heck, even the antisemites say Jews run the world, so maybe not the Jews, but certainly the God of the Jews!


And all of it is understood by a simple logical shift of understanding which rationalizes all of the past and how we are the bridge to the future:


Often we seem to think that Moshiach is an external redemption!


Like the famous story of how a women was told by her husband that Moshiach will take us to Israel away from the pogroming Cossacks, so she suggested that Moshiach take the pogroming Cossacks to Israel instead, and leave them with their farm.


In other words – Moshiach is not about physical (though it will include if necessary) redemption, but about personal redemption, it is not about lollipops of any size or dimension (clothes for women and diamonds for men and women etc.) rather it is about a consciousness shift – an internal redemption – redemption from aimlessness, from meaninglessness, from incoherency.


To enter into the time of Moshiach all you need to do is simply realize that this redemption has already occurred, it is occurring, and will continue to occur!


I would be so bold to venture to say, that if you are still reading my articles you are one of the people God is, has, and will be redeeming.

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