What do all the evil world powers China, Russia, Iran have in common?




One may ask a simple question, if a tyrant suppresses his populace, shouldn’t he show even less regard for a fellow tyrant?!


But ah, isn’t this the point?!


What is the psychological reason behind tyranny?


Is not tyranny, more a psychological cancer, a cancer of the mind, then a state of health?!


Obviously so?!


You see, tyranny is the human soul that succumbs to hate!!!


Hence, all tyrants, in fact not only have lack of regard for fellow tyrants, they in fact revere them!


As our sages teach us of ancient Israel which holds true today – Amnon and Moav were two countries that warred, but when the Jews came around they created a “peace treaty” in order to annihilate them.


The Arabs of today hate each other and despise human rights, but more then they hate each other, they hate people who have human rights!


For deep in the cancer of the soul that creates tyranny is anger.


As a British Diplomat said of Hitler, observing his passion – he is led by anger.


People who have anger are people who feel unjustly demeaned.


And often it is true.


For their societies are tyrannical societies.


Societies that don’t honor human life, denigrate man.


So what does China, Iran and Russia have in common – perhaps the better question is, what don’t they have in common?!

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