Ranges of emotions



Cool to hot


Cool is not always good because it can mean the person is not in charge, rather switched off to emotions, as rabbi dr trweski writes about a patient that suffered a loss of emotional feeling due to a trauma, that like the plumber who came to his home, and to fix the sink had to switch off the water main, similarly, sometimes to stop feeling sorrow or heartbreak we switch off (subconsciously) our emotions and we feel nothing at all – this is what allows evil to occur, for though the person doesn’t identify anymore with anyone else, they still have the narcissistic sadistic pleasure of hurting others.


So cool is evil!


On the other end of the spectrum we have hot – this is like a child that has no control over their emotions – cries, throws tantrums, loves unconditionally, so their emotions are like a sluice gate opened, like a tsunami unleashed!


Ideally we should be warm – loving but not trusting – caring but not dependent – kind but not arrogant.

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