So here is to explaining the mind of a psychopath



There is an sick article about a person who has taken video, so first feeding a kitten to a python, and then recently of killing a friend.


What is very interesting is a single line that a girlfriend of his quoted “He said, ‘I’m afraid when you look in my eyes … that you’ll see that there’s nothing inside of me.’


So to understand the soul of  psychopath which this is the common symptoms, first cruelty to animals then people, is to actually understand the soul of Hitler, the Arabs and all people who commit violence and in his own words “you’ll see that there’s nothing inside of me.”


In other words, the bottom line is somewhere along the line they lost their soul, usually due to abuse, often at home.


Now one must understand what it means to lose ones soul.


It means one loses self respect, self dignity, love for oneself, which is the prerequisite for all people to love each other, for love for another is an extension of love for oneself (which is why a depressed person ceases to love people they previously loved, for as they are ashamed of themselves hence the fact that others are like them causes them no pleasure and love.)

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