The code to tranquility and productivity



Many people can help you dissociate from reality


Many people like life coaches can help you focus on achieving “success.”


But to the best of my knowledge no one can help you tranquilly achieve productivity.


Productivity amidst tranquility, should be mans greatest goal.


Tranquility, serenity, peace, is of course what we all desire.


But equally and in fact perhaps even more importantly – certainly from the perspective of self dignity and self pride – productivity and meaningful achievements are desirable.


Does not the need for success compete with the need for serenity?


Can we somehow bridge madness and serenity, ambition and tranquility?


The answer remarkably is in the Kabbalah, and it is a exceptionally simple method though easier said then done.


You see, when I make myself the center of my success I am bound to not be serene for I get upset if I fail.


What if?


Yes, what if?! I am not the motivator for my successes rather I place success as a moral duty to God and society?!


In this way I can both be driven to achieve positive meaningful achievements and at the same time remain completely serene.

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