The third line



Kabbalah teaches us a three line reality


The first is called chachan comprising of intuition, kindness and the desire to succeed.


The second line – on the left – is comprehension, severity or judging or deal making and the desire for unity; and the middle of the line consists of integrating your beliefs with your actions, having compassion on people, acting morally, ethically and according to your ideals and humility.


Life is a wave



As was praying this morning it dawned on me that life is a wave.


What is the difference between a wave and a particle?


You see, when we look at atoms they become particles – stationary objects.


Have you ever seen a screen – at least in the olden days – when it is fuzzy, you sort of see how the information is in wave like formation, or as you imagine a doctor seeing an ECG etc.


The truth is, scientists teach us that all atoms exist in wave format and only upon observing them do they become stationary.


Think how information exists before it comes onto your TV screen – well it certainly doesn’t look as it does in your TV projection of the information; rather it is packets of wavelike data that as you look at in the box are fixed patterns, images, sounds and pictures.


In a similar sense, God is really like, like, a great giant loving wave, but as it is a wave we need not think it is a particle.


The difference is simple:


If God were a particle then all you need to do is capture the particle and presto God is yours (in fact that’s the idea behind idols.)


But a wave is a dynamic living breathing information entity.


Every wave combines three parts to it, a high, a low, and a greater high.


Similarly, first comes the high of discovering that there is a higher being who loves, cares for you etc. etc. and then comes the low, for in order to download the new high (just like your television must remove the old image for the new one to appear, similarly) the old high must dissipate, and then God gives you a greater understanding of life, in ever increasing waves; so enjoy the wave.\!


In reply to a query on the blog that all is in the primordial thought of God

Like the code which manifests reality on our screen so to there is a code – in fact all created in the primordial thought of God to create the future – which is the precursor of all that manifests in reality




Basically Kabbalah speaks of three basic stages (which have many many many more in them) of creation.


The first is God prior to creation


The second is God’s desire to create for the purpose … well its not the point of this article


And the third is what is called seder hishtalshulus the chain of creation


God is singular with no additions etc.


Then God had a desire to create the world we know including of course the purpose of creation, the messianic age


Now if you were going to build a universe, heck even a city, heck even a house, you need to plan out what you are going to do


Remember, we usually think in particles, not waves, so we think say about the final production, but God of course needs not only think about what the universe will look like, as the universe is mainly an ever changing time fluctuating universe which continually reforms, reshapes etc. etc. you would need to imagine, every single quantum state, every turn of every electron and on an easier scale for us to understand the mechanisms of earth revolving around the sun (or the other way) the mechanisms of the moon revolving around earth all of which creates the seasons that everything depends on.


So the Kabbalists teach us that in the primordial thought of creation, called machshavah hakedumah daak, every blade of grass and every which way it would sway, how much more so every cell in your body and every step you will experience, was all considered, planned and we are merely part of the execution.


The code to tranquility and productivity



Many people can help you dissociate from reality


Many people like life coaches can help you focus on achieving “success.”


But to the best of my knowledge no one can help you tranquilly achieve productivity.


Productivity amidst tranquility, should be mans greatest goal.


Tranquility, serenity, peace, is of course what we all desire.


But equally and in fact perhaps even more importantly – certainly from the perspective of self dignity and self pride – productivity and meaningful achievements are desirable.


Does not the need for success compete with the need for serenity?


Can we somehow bridge madness and serenity, ambition and tranquility?


The answer remarkably is in the Kabbalah, and it is a exceptionally simple method though easier said then done.


You see, when I make myself the center of my success I am bound to not be serene for I get upset if I fail.


What if?


Yes, what if?! I am not the motivator for my successes rather I place success as a moral duty to God and society?!


In this way I can both be driven to achieve positive meaningful achievements and at the same time remain completely serene.


Life is not complicated if you open up your eyes to reality



Reality is not physical rather spiritual


All we need to live as one Indian told me, is an acre of land


The trick is how to live together


And in this we must realize lies our challenge


To survive – well people do that under even Eskimo-like conditions for millennia, with no technology, and all technology has done is make our lives easier


The trick is to know how to get along


To do this we need not another app. but to understand life itself


Life is a balance between three spiritual forces


Good bad and evil


Good is love – unconditional love, for you see in another your own self


Bad is the natural desire for pleasure – look at how many people steal (80% of crime is to feed for) drugs


Evil – is when our ego is angry and hence we become obsessed with revenge instead of love