One of the key wisdoms I learnt comes from the foundational book of Kabbalah called Sefer Yetzirah, where it states, “nothing is higher than pleasure and nothing lower than pain.”   This of course is what everyone seeks to be in, pleasure, and out of pain!   But what happens if we do arrive at pleasure?   Conversely, if we do God forbid arrive at pain?   Well, interestingly enough, understanding this is the key to understanding life.   You see, when man arrives at pleasure, usually man’s ego will delude man into thinking that it was his achievements that caused his joyful state; as a result of this deluded thinking, man becomes arrogant and as a result of arrogance man becomes evil, for evil is nothing more though certainly nothing less then anger caused by the ego, for to get angry one must have an ego, and hence when the ego assumes power, prestige, success, it becomes offended when it (the person, for it has successfully paired itself to the “successful” person) desires, go unfulfilled – now as no one can fulfill all their desires, for they only increase with time (for after one is fulfilled, a greater one takes its place) egotistical people are bound to have one of two things happen to them; either they become tyrannical, as their newfound anger causes them to (at least, so to say) compensate, by stepping on others, which is the case with many people who get power, which starts the delusional cycle; or they actually become humble for they can discern that it wasn’t their power, and perhaps this is God’s true ideal in the cycle of boom and bust (as the Bible teaches us God told the Jewish people that they would go into Israel, become fat and rich Read more…

    In other words, first God creates darkness so man should seek find and spread light

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