Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

The essence of God is not found in grandeur but in simplicity

It all boils down to positivity

We all have been allotted a specific number of days, hours, minutes and even seconds – lets use our time constructively

Those brought up with a diet of love, love; those brought up with a diet of criticism, criticize.

Moshiach is around the corner!

If we succeed, it is only because God chose us to succeed, for if it was us, how can we fail all the time? when we can choose to succeed!

There is no truth that man can discern, for his innate fear of shame compels him to side with people, as the Rebbe teaches, only if one fears no one can man be honest, for all biases are subconsciously motivators to believe in that which is a benefit (i.e. a indulges or prevention of fear of shame or pain) to oneself, hence the only way to know truth is to learn it from the Rebbe who had neither (fear nor taivos indulgent loves) and the Rebbe teaches us what Chassidus / Judaism teaches us, that this world created by God for man, will result in perfection when man dedicates himself to his mission in life which is to serve Hashem through serving humanity.