There is no truth that man can discern, for his innate fear of shame compels him to side with people, as the Rebbe teaches, only if one fears no one can man be honest, for all biases are subconsciously motivators to believe in that which is a benefit (i.e. a indulges or prevention of fear of shame or pain) to oneself, hence the only way to know truth is to learn it from the Rebbe who had neither (fear nor taivos indulgent loves) and the Rebbe teaches us what Chassidus / Judaism teaches us, that this world created by God for man, will result in perfection when man dedicates himself to his mission in life which is to serve Hashem through serving humanity.


The middle of the road



The Rambam one of our foremost philosophers ethicists etc. was want to say, that the path man should always tread, apart from arrogance and anger (which must be completely eliminated for they are the cause of all evil) is the middle of the road.


The middle of the road, the golden mean, is actually the path of Judaism, the path of the Torah.

Liberals are want to disregard personal responsibility, desiring government solve all problems which is of course both irresponsible and naïve.


Extremists are want to try to destroy everyone but themselves under false pretenses of their somewhat uber-race worldview etc.


however the middle of the road, not naive nor evil, not totally open nor totally closed, is of course the road to take.


To do this, man must do what he absolutely abhors the most, namely to think.


People hate with a passion close to the Ebola virus to think.


Why, I think its simple.


As my good friend Dr. Slutzkin (a psycthrist) taught me, that the brain is an energy hog, 25 % of our glucose goes to the functioning of thought, we can lift  and carry all day, but to actually concentrate – well how long can you concentrate before your brain simply shuts down.


In fact the reason smart people know more than stupid people is not because their brains are better rather they need to concentrate less to attain the same amount of information so if a. has a smart head, his minimal effort will give him what b. may take a lot of concentration to retain, hence a. is not necessarily smarter, rather like a faster computer simply takes much less effort to download, and hence a. doesn’t mind expending gthe neegry tht b would rather not expend.


In other words, thinking requires to stop, to discern, to analyze, to use our brains, and that’s why common sense as a Stephen Covey so eloquently replied, when a reporter challenged him that his book is just common sense, “common sense is not common practice.”