Our sages teach us


What did Adam see when curiously he looked into the fountainhead of evil?


Well the other day I went onto the property of a place which is self-worshiping.


It creates ego.


Realizing this, I realized this is what Adam looked at!


Then I happened to meet Rabbi Wagner who told me, that truly what happened is, Adam fell into the ego trap.


In other words, it is our job to rectify his sin!


To become beyond ego thinking, beyond self-serving, self-worshiping, which is done by thinking that we are not independent beings, we have no power, we have no control (which is true in any case) rather we are merely the Godly life force that continuously animates are every living moment; which is also the reality of all things.


First there was God

Its all in the premise


Last night – as the Rambam says, most of our wisdom comes at night (does anyone know why?) I realized that its all in the premise.


What is the premise of Judaism?




What is the premise of western / Roman / thinking – what I see is reality.


In fact, Aristotle who certainly influenced Roman thinking and hence western thinking believed, the universe always existed.


Let us analyze how the difference between these two premises create every subsequent difference that there is.


Today I met with a friend of mine and the two of us drove to a third friend to give him some support.


So the one friend says to the second friend (though he himself is not religious) my premise is that God loves and hence desires the good of us, his creations, so as this is my premise hence every subsequent thought is that whether I understand or don’t, it is actually a gift from God.


This is in fact the Jewish premise.


God desires to give to people (as our sages teach us, the reason God created the world is to have people to give to, for a giver loves giving) so he created you.


Now if this is the premise: everything is good, though I may not understand it.


This is not so radical, for doesn’t every child also have this premise.


On the other hand, Greek, Roman and to a certain extent modern western critical thinking goes – I am this tiny blob of bacteria floating in this cosmic machine.