The Value Chain



Where would you like to be on the value chain?


Imagine the food chain for a moment, bottom or top – is it even really a question?


You see, we all have this value chain misconception of reality.


Obviously no-one wants to be on the bottom and everyone wants be at the top.


The trouble is, that the very idea of a value chain is well, valueless.


The truth is, that humanity has progressed – at least western society and obviously Judaism for thousands of years (especially Jewish mysticism) that the goal is not to be on top of the value chain rather part of the value chain.


In other words, a line  has a higher and lower part.


Who wants to be below someone? and hence people want to be higher; not necessarily out of ego, rather out of not wanting to feel left out.


On the other hand,  a circle doesn’t have a higher and lower part (at least the circumference around its center).


So the key thing is to abandon the linier thinking that has caused wars, breaks up relationships, etc. etc.


We need to engage in democratic and Jewish thinking (particularly Jewish mysticism) that we are all in the symphony of life, encouraged by the conductor, the Rebbe of the generation – in ours, of course Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn – to play a part, for the mutual benefit of yourself, and of course your band!

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