According to Kabbalah there are an infinite number of realities, but generally speaking there are a few which we need to know about.



The first reality is the Creator


The Creator then has a desire to express his love for us (as he saw us before our creation in his mind’s eye) though creating a void:


The Creator created a void.


In this void he placed a ray.


This ray coming from the infinity of the Creator itself was infinite, hence he created a second world (beriah) in which this level was reduced, yet it was still to strong and hence another world was created where it was reduced (yetzirah,) yet it was still too strong and hence another world was created where it was reduced (asiyah,) yet it was still to strong and hence it was hidden behind the cloak of matter.


In this material time space bound world, man and woman were charged with observing a commandment.


The subsequent sin of eating the forbidden fruit led to the further materialization of this world and of mankind, creating the perfect laboratory for God’s love.


Our physical world which is the only universe in which truth can be denied, for the wavelength of Godliness is invisible, was formed.


In this material world God gave the Jewish people the Torah (Bible,) charging them with a mission to adhere to it despite the further void, darkness, and difficulty, of an indifferent world at best and evil world at worst.


It was this gift that the Jewish people through thick and thin, fire and water, who would stick to their principles of goodness and justice that would lead to all the nations of the world emulating them.


This would lead, that the spiritual light that they imbued in the materiality of this world and its people, would give rise to the ultimate Divine capability, namely of a infinite God uniting in a finite world!


All of modern entertainment – hundreds of billions of dollars, hours etc. – all of modern drugs, hundreds of billions of dollars, hours etc. and much much more, are ways that we anesthetize ourselves; for a soul is a spiritual being searching for purpose and the existential hole in the soul (as one recovering addict called his addiction) is very painful; and as all animals we abhor pain, however the hole can temporarily – and dangerously be avoided – the answer of course is in discovering and then dedicating your life to your higher purpose.