If we define consciousness as a state in which feelings for a personal objective i.e. pleasure or pain, or even a desire related to a personal agenda i.e. survival exists, then wow wow wow!


You see if that is the case, each and everything that exists is conscious.


Obviously we humans fit that criteria.


Obviously animals fit that criteria.


Even insects fit that criteria.


But more importantly, according to Kabbalah and science, the fact is, vegetation too fits that criteria and experts strongly believe and studies have proven that talking to plants makes a difference – they have a consciousness.


And last but not least – though most incredulous – is that every inanimate object, so take water for example, has a consciousness which can even be photographed i.e. its shifting reaction to the environment around it.


In other words, there is an individual consciousness behind everything that exists, which is its soul.


Now the reason I find this so amazing, is not that all these kingdoms have a consciousness, for this is a well established fact.


Rather, that if this is so, then the consciousness of all consciousnesses, namely God, too, must be sensitive.


For if a rock, water, plants, animals and people react, then certainly God who is the soul of souls, must also react.


I think we tend to see those with power as being egotistical and as ego is devoid of conscience and in a sense consciousness, for it is merely brute force, we tend to anthropomorphize that God too lacks sensitivity.


The reverse is the truth.


If I had to make a manifesto and every nutcase must – and as I may qualify, and hence I must; this is what I would write:



1. We must teach our children that they are Godliness, as their souls are flames from God’s sun


2. We must teach the world that “We are all agents of God to bring about the messianic redemption through adding in our goodness and kindness.”


3. We must teach all people that though we may be small, our actions like a shadow that is much larger then the man who causes it, reverberates through the spiritual cosmos and effects destiny!


4. We must reveal, that every generation has a Mosses – as the Kabbalah teaches – and in ours it was and continues to be Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn whose message as he told cnn: “Moshiach is ready to come now. It is only from our part, to do something additional in the realm of goodness and kindness… At least a little more, then Moshiach will come Immediately!