The Rebbe teaches us Moshiach is here


What does this mean?


Is Moshiach here?


Well it depends how we define Moshiach?!


You see, the definition of Moshiach in the past, was a few miraculous events i.e. a messianic figure, would create peace on the world, he would somehow bring Jews back to Israel, rebuild the third holy Temple, and an era of spiritual growth would indefinitely ensue.


However there is a far deeper Moshiach which has arrived (though we are still waiting for the general interpretation – though the signs, the echoes, the beginnings, of the general, have certainly begun; if we compare how close we are to that state, versus how far we were, going back just a generation or two ago, for thousands of years!)


The far greater messianic revelation is not an external process but an internal process! it is when we realize not who we were told by Darwin we are – a higher form of ape – rather who we are told by God we are, which as God says, in the very beginning of the Bible upon creating man, You are in the image of God!


And as Chassidus, Jewish mysticism and particularly the Rebbe emphasized, every Jew is in truth one with God himself!


Furthermore, though this is the truth, we obviously exist as independent beings; capable of free choice, which is also one of the primary meanings of “in the image of God;” for apart from God, it is only we humans (particularly Jews) who are capable of complete freedom of choice; being composites both of a divine soul but also possessing animal instincts, hence the true ability to choose between the two.


As such, there is a separate identity from our Divine Self – i.e. we have rational souls (which is also the meaning of “in the image of God,” for all animals are not rational,) and it is this rational chooser of reality, that in essence is who we are, for we are the sum total of our choices.


In other words, although in essence I am God, in reality I am an independent being, a rational soul who can discern truth, and will choose my Godly, Divine, compassionate side, over my instinctual pleasure oriented evil side.


Most importantly, as our sages teach us, God desired to live within man below (in fact everywhere, but particularly within man.)


One of the classic teachings to this effect is that God states in the Bible (in fact a single idea encompassing over two hundred of the six hundred and thirteen Mitzvos!) “Build for me a home (Mikdash) and I will dwell in them!”


How can God dwell in many homes, if he says, “build for me a home” in the singular?!



The answer is, that what God really means is, that each and every person who will sanctify themselves – as our sages teach us “My sole purpose of existence is to work for Divine purposes” – hence, we then become the home for God on earth!


As the Baal Shem Tov so eloquently teaches us, that the holy Temple acts as a paradigm for us to understand the divine indwelling in each of us, for the holiest place in the holy Temple was called the holy of holies, a place in which the divine will was completely apparent (symbolized in the beyond-within-reality, of a merging of beyond time and space, within time and space only program, through the essence of the Divine ability and will Himself,) and if, the Baal Shem Tov argues, we can contemplate that Divinity (something spiritual) can reside in a mere ten by ten room, can Divinity not reside in your spiritual heart?!


As such, the ultimate goal of God is the marriage – for in the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai on Shovous – was the engagement, but the current reality and the subsequent era is one of a unity! – now, a marriage is not one person, but two people merging to one, as such, God is manifesting his Divine will and infinite ability and uniting with all good people in ever increasing bonds of love, communication, rational observation of truth etc. etc. today!

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