Change is internal



I have a friend who has a friend who says “Life is an inside job.”


He is right.


Life is not about anything outside of us, rather it is about figuring out the truth, which as we mentioned, that when the Russians posted a full page ad in the New York Times against Einstein with the headline screaming “a hundred scientists against Einstein” he replied, If I was wrong, one scientist would be enough.


So the outside world has lots of noise, in fact democracy’s right and wrong is not based on truth, rather numbers; but the truth is that all the people in the world – as history attests – can be wrong, for the truth is not dependent on human observation, rather it is either the truth or not.


Abraham lived in a world believing only in idolatry, which today sounds and is, stupid; yet this is why he is called Avraham Ha-iviri for the entire world believed one way and he believed differently, and time bore out his hypothesis.


The same is with scientific theories, if they are not true, with time they die.


So change is an inside job.


This is in fact one of the premier points of truth the Rebbe teaches us.


Even a truth as novel a God’s reality must be discerned not observed.


What do I mean?


You see, when the Jews got the Ten Commandments they observed this truth of ein oid milvadoi, all is really subservient to the G-dly energy which is the reality of matter and hence all is really God.


Yet just a mere forty days later, they sinned worshiping a golden calf.


For their discovery was observed and as an observation it didn’t perpetuate their essence, it remained something which was an interesting fact.


Not so the Jews of today, for we are coming to God in the post scientific era.


We have realized that science is scarcely an answer to truth and if anything it has more contradictions than solutions, particularly when we get to the subatomic level and the scientists today (in fact two thirds of all scientists today, are believers in the singular creative force of a God who is all encompassing, of all the details he intelligently designs) hence in our post scientific era, we have come on a rational basis to reject the falsehood of false deities and believe in this unified God.


Understanding God’s mechanism


If you were an infinite Creator, so all the limits that we humans observe are merely created laws of nature but anything can happen, so you can infinitely create, where do you begin?


As God says to Job, were you there when I fashioned the world, were you there when the world was created without a foundation stone.


Think about it.


Pretend all is black.


Now in the black you want to simply place a globe.


Where do you place it?


Where do you begin building the globe?


The point is, that it really makes no difference, because you have to begin somewhere.


So now that you have begun, you are still not limited to what you have made, rather you have infinite ability to take the very same matter and reshape it into anything you want.


Technology is a great example of this.


All of technology essentially comes from the earth.


Everything we use, whether it is a computer, ipad etc. is all made of physical materials yet they are reshaped in such a way that something new has evolved.


Furthermore technology, particularly software is a great example of infinite creation, for we are always getting updates – will technology ever end – probably not, for you can always think of new novel ideas and hence if you have the hardware that can read software a new Microsoft word will always be developed etc.


However all of this relies on the past, so here is how God operates, he creates a past that is capable of infinite growth.


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