I have a friend who has a friend who says “Life is an inside job.”   He is right.   Life is not about anything outside of us, rather it is about figuring out the truth, which as we mentioned, that when the Russians posted a full page ad in the New York Times against Einstein with the headline screaming “a hundred scientists against Einstein” he replied, If I was wrong, one scientist would be enough.   So the outside world has lots of noise, in fact democracy’s right and wrong is not based on truth, rather numbers; but the truth is that all the people in the world – as history attests – can be wrong, for the truth is not dependent on human observation, rather it is either the truth or not.   Abraham lived in a world believing only in idolatry, which today sounds and is, stupid; yet this is why he is called Avraham Ha-iviri for the entire world believed one way and he believed differently, and time bore out his hypothesis.   The same is with scientific theories, if they are not true, with time they die.   So change is an inside job.   This is in fact one of the premier points of truth the Rebbe teaches us.   Even a truth as novel a God’s reality must be discerned not observed.   What do I mean?   You see, when the Jews got the Ten Commandments they observed this truth of ein oid milvadoi, all is really subservient to the G-dly energy which is the reality of matter and hence all is really God.   Yet just a mere forty days later, they sinned worshiping a golden calf.   For their discovery was observed and as an observation it didn’t Read more…

    Looking for some feedback.   Just to ascertain that I am not spitting watermelon seeds in the air, please let me know if a. you read b. you enjoy and c. if you have any particular topics you would like more information on.   Yours Truly   Addicted To Spreading Chassidus Through The Internet

    What does this strange wording “remove one from the world mean?”   I think it means that to live in reality, is to see problems.   The word for world in Hebrew is etymologically connected to the word concealment/ darkness.   It is very important that we see light but live in darkness.

  What does this mean?   Is Moshiach here?   Well it depends how we define Moshiach?!   You see, the definition of Moshiach in the past, was a few miraculous events i.e. a messianic figure, would create peace on the world, he would somehow bring Jews back to Israel, rebuild the third holy Temple, and an era of spiritual growth would indefinitely ensue.   However there is a far deeper Moshiach which has arrived (though we are still waiting for the general interpretation – though the signs, the echoes, the beginnings, of the general, have certainly begun; if we compare how close we are to that state, versus how far we were, going back just a generation or two ago, for thousands of years!)   The far greater messianic revelation is not an external process but an internal process! it is when we realize not who we were told by Darwin we are – a higher form of ape – rather who we are told by God we are, which as God says, in the very beginning of the Bible upon creating man, You are in the image of God!   And as Chassidus, Jewish mysticism and particularly the Rebbe emphasized, every Jew is in truth one with God himself!   Furthermore, though this is the truth, we obviously exist as independent beings; capable of free choice, which is also one of the primary meanings of “in the image of God;” for apart from God, it is only we humans (particularly Jews) who are capable of complete freedom of choice; being composites both of a divine soul but also possessing animal instincts, hence the true ability to choose between the two.   As such, there is a separate identity from our Divine Self – i.e. we have rational souls Read more…

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