Is God Natural


One of the biggest mistakes we humans make is categorizing things.


In fact our entire reality is a series of categorization.


One of the first things God did after he created something, was give it a name “And he called the light day, and the darkness night.”


Names are categories. Nouns are, people, places, and things.


It is a succinct way for communication.


But the truth is, that just as categories reveal through communication, they also conceal through limiting the object to what we perceive it to be.


We also categorize through association, so older women may give me a good or bad feeling as older men, based on my relationship to someone who was an older woman in my past AKA Mom or Dad.


Dog, may make me run or run toward them, as I had a puppy they remind me of.


The bottom line is, that we categorize based on our perception, which are based on our highly highly limited range of experiences.


Now the point of this article is that when it comes to God we also categorize.


We even have a name for this, its called anthropomorphization.


To compare God to the greatest human possible.


This is in fact why some religions make God into a man, for it works quite neatly in a visual format.


Judaism was the first religion to reject physical limitations to a wholly spiritual being and in fact even reject spiritual limitation and according to Chassidus / Kabbalah assert, that the most we can know about him is that he in fact is not compared to anything we know, or he is not limited in any way, shape, and form; while everything we know, can be categorized.


So is God natural?


The answer is yes.


You see, when we say someone is natural, it means he has no hang-ups, he is simple, he acts without airs, without pretension, naturally.


In a similar sense, we often relegate God to the supernatural, but if God is running the world, how come we don’t see so many supernatural events?


The answer of course is, as our sages teach us, that God doesn’t make miracles superfluously.


Every miracle is not God, rather it is a window for people stuck in the category of nature to realize that there is a supernatural force in charge of nature – which is the only way a miracle can occur.


In other words, God actually is present and acts naturally i.e. he acts through nature, so when something unexpected occurs to you (ironically even for the negative) that is a supernatural force acting naturally.