Why Democracy shall give way to Theocracy



Man has challenged all notions of political systems.


Intrinsically as the Rebbe says, man was looking to better his lot.


Ironically, communism was idealistic, though it caused so much terror.


As people who think progress, they discard what doesn’t work, in favor of what does.


If the stats show anything, most of America has become theocratic, not replacing democracy, but instead replacing the fallacy, the weakness and the stupidities of democracy.



In other words, democracy as a belief system (not a political system to get consensus) basically was the mantra for most of the last century and it created a amoral society.


It is obvious to all thinking people that having an amoral society is not only not amoral and does not benefit society but more closer to home, man is in need of a moral ethical code based on absolutely dogmatic Divine system which enhances instead of degrades his dignity – elevating him or her to the state of Priests and Holy Nation, instead of denigrating a person to be debased animalistic and like a ameba or bacteria, simply following instincts.

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