What is reality?

Reality exists on multiple – in fact, infinite planes!

For example, is a cat’s reality, my reality?

Is an angel’s reality, similar to man’s reality?

Ultimately, reality can succinctly be described in the famous three words of the foundational book of Kabbalah Sefer Yetzireh The Book of Formation, Time, Space, Soul.

In other words, there is no such thing as time space and souls, only God.

However for reasons not necessary to go into now, God created universes – infinite levels – of spaces, which are (somewhat) subjected to time, (past, present and future,) in which he put souls (mainly) beings conscious of perceiving either their reality (AKA the cat,) or capable of both perceiving their reality as well as having the intelligence to deduce that there must be a infinite Creator (beyond their reality of time, space, soul) for their reality to function.

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