The word no The very thought of it strikes fear deep into man’s breast. The word no conjures up memories of not getting ones desires, for as one in childhood had narcissistic antisocial desires (like biting their brother or something) their mother had to tell them no. No, perhaps more than any other word shattered man’s ego and the last thing most people want to hear is, no. But some people – no – don’t have this problem with, no! Optimistic people somehow don’t carry this pessimism and tragic avoidance of the word, no. They are happy with a yes and a no. They are confident despite hearing that tragedy of tragic, the sickening gut wrenching word – that shan’t be named NO more. I think that the difference is, that if we realize that our intellect is too tiny to truly know what is in our interest, hence when Mom or God says no, hence it is not a tragedy rather a blessing.

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