In the foundational book of Kabbalah it writes, there is nothing higher then pleasure and nothing lower then pain



In fact these two Hebrew words are the same letters, nega and oineg.


One of the great illuminating teachings, I heard from my cousin Dovid Wineberg, is that the reason the Baal Shem Tov teaches us, more than the Yetzer Hara desires that we sin it desires we feel guilty that we sinned, is because once a person is feeling low, they go for anything to eliminate the feeling of shame and hence they are now a recipient for any suggestion.


This is similar to an article I once read, “Say Yes To Drugs.”
The premise was – quite correctly – that if you are taking drugs, try to analyze why.


In other words:


People assume people go for pleasure for the sake of pleasure; however this is not the case.


As in everything there can be two opposite reasons for the reason one seeks pleasure.


The first healthy one would be a natural desire for happiness.


The second unnatural unhealthy one is in fact when we are feeling ashamed of ourselves. guilty or quite simply perhaps even some kind of pain and hence the easiest thing to do is – don’t we all know – grab a bar of chocolate.

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