The thing is that there are basically two realities side by side



The first reality is the truth namely that all is God and God is all


But the second reality is also true albeit a perception


In other words, the fact that we see nothing but the tiny little wavelength (computer program) we are in, is also a truth, for it is the truth that God made for us to overcome!


So say, someone is playing a video game, is it really happening or not?


On one level the game is merely a creation and doesn’t really exist.


On another level the man is really playing the game, he really overcomes opponents, really achieves something (which is why people – especially boys love playing games!)


So in the final analysis we cannot escape that our non-reality is also a reality of sorts, and to us in fact is our only reality.


In fact even God himself is simply a tool, a mechanism for us to overcome, to succeed!


For example, the Rebbe says, even the lofty Godly soul, a part of God above, is really given to man as an accessory (a secret weapon) to assist you and me in our strenuous battle of light over darkness.


The darkness, though not real, is very real to us.


We need all the help we can get.


And this, of course, is the wisdom of Chassidus, a wisdom that allows us to see beyond the darkness into the reality; but ultimately – and yes this is a very big statement – its all about our personal challenge and God’s prayer that we overcome our selfish side and choose in our own free will to do acts of goodness and kindness!

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