Piece of cake



Yep, from a piece of cake we can learn everything!


Chocolate cake, strawberry cake, banana cake, it makes no difference, any piece of cake!


Now for those who prefer chocolate cake, we’ll use it as an example.


Is cake good or bad?


Still thinking?


What do you think?


Is cake – a delicious completely decadent, oozing with sugar and chocolate – piece of cake, good or bad?


Ah, you see its pretty hard to answer, because there are actually three options in life, not two.


Good, bad, or neutral.


A piece of cake (as long as it is kosher of course) is a neutral object, neither good nor bad, capable of becoming good or bad!


So say I need to stay off chocolate and sugar then that piece of cake is not good.


On the other hand, say I need to serve desert, then I can’t think of anything better!


The same is with life.


We often get trapped in the good, bad, mechanism.


I think most religions and religious philosophies (i.e. philosophies coming from a religious mindset) create the good and evil conundrum.


This is not a good place to be, for one simply becomes robotic in doing some things and staying away from others.


The truth is far more simple, there isn’t a black / white reality rather a black white and shades of gray!

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