If you understand this you understand today



The Rebbe teaches a prophecy from the book of Daniel that in preparation for the coming of Moshiach, Yisburirui Vislabnu!


Yisburirui Vislabnu quite simply can be described as the difference between Jacob and Esau (Yaakov and Esaiv.)


You see our sages teach us, that Esav, representative of gentile nations are like a hog.


What is unique about the hog – well the hog is a very unique kind of non-kosher animal (I believe only three animals are like it) in that he has split hoofs, so he has one of the kosher signs but unfortunately he doesn’t chew his cud, so he is not kosher.


So what does the hog do, he sticks out his feet, so when you look at him you don’t think he is not kosher, for he appears to be kosher.


In a similar vein, often Jews and even gentiles are conned by politicians thinking that these people are leaders, that their rhetoric justifies their positions, but there is no doubt that all gentile leaders have proved that behind their “idealism” lies a filthy person, whose actual aims are self agradization at best, malevolence at worst.

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