Because we don’t feel special we have a desire to feel big



You see ego as the previous Rebbe says comes not from feeling big, from feeling small.


Who is the most egotistical – as the previous Rebbe says – a small child, for the smaller we are, the more we need to compensate!


Obviously, you may think that this isn’t the case, for children seem so docile, but ever seen a child throw a tantrum?!


Henry Kissinger who negotiated big deals said, that regarding his Harvard years, that the fights between the professors (and having worked in the Linguists Department of Kansas University I can attest to this) were so fierce, because the stakes were so small!


Ironically, the bigger the stakes, the less ego for then there is a real issue, but the smaller the stakes – so say two kids are fighting over a toy, the fights can be indeed quite violent God forbid.


So what is the solution, for it seems to me that ego is the cause of all wars and we still have terrorism – again, caused by very low self-esteem by certain people who hence need to step (in this manner, murder) others to feel good about themselves.


The answer is very very simple, we need to abandon our childhood image of our smallness and embrace an adult Kabbalisitic view of our infinity.


No person (particularly a Jew) has more power than a person, for God is within us and hence we have the ability to change the world, in fact we have!


How many people have transformed humanity! No-one greater than our Patriarchs and Matriarchs, Mosses, Aharon, David, Solomon and closer to home the Lubavitcher Rebbes, the Baal Shem Tov, for there is physical change, say the invention of penicillin, and there is spiritual change, the invention of a worldview that frees mans soul.

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