Even the fastest most sophisticated car in the world is useless if you don’t have the foggiest clue as where you should go to

As Einstein teaches “it seems to me a perfection of aims and a confusion of goals is our primary problem.”

Unfortunately Rome, the western world, always thought bigger is better, faster is cooler, prettier is best.

However, what is the difference if you have the biggest, prettiest, fastest car, when the true you! your soul, is in a dungeon; facing existential pain, loneliness, purposelessness & meaninglessness?!


Because we don’t feel special we have a desire to feel big



You see ego as the previous Rebbe says comes not from feeling big, from feeling small.


Who is the most egotistical – as the previous Rebbe says – a small child, for the smaller we are, the more we need to compensate!


Obviously, you may think that this isn’t the case, for children seem so docile, but ever seen a child throw a tantrum?!


Henry Kissinger who negotiated big deals said, that regarding his Harvard years, that the fights between the professors (and having worked in the Linguists Department of Kansas University I can attest to this) were so fierce, because the stakes were so small!


Ironically, the bigger the stakes, the less ego for then there is a real issue, but the smaller the stakes – so say two kids are fighting over a toy, the fights can be indeed quite violent God forbid.


So what is the solution, for it seems to me that ego is the cause of all wars and we still have terrorism – again, caused by very low self-esteem by certain people who hence need to step (in this manner, murder) others to feel good about themselves.


The answer is very very simple, we need to abandon our childhood image of our smallness and embrace an adult Kabbalisitic view of our infinity.


No person (particularly a Jew) has more power than a person, for God is within us and hence we have the ability to change the world, in fact we have!


How many people have transformed humanity! No-one greater than our Patriarchs and Matriarchs, Mosses, Aharon, David, Solomon and closer to home the Lubavitcher Rebbes, the Baal Shem Tov, for there is physical change, say the invention of penicillin, and there is spiritual change, the invention of a worldview that frees mans soul.


Piece of cake



Yep, from a piece of cake we can learn everything!


Chocolate cake, strawberry cake, banana cake, it makes no difference, any piece of cake!


Now for those who prefer chocolate cake, we’ll use it as an example.


Is cake good or bad?


Still thinking?


What do you think?


Is cake – a delicious completely decadent, oozing with sugar and chocolate – piece of cake, good or bad?


Ah, you see its pretty hard to answer, because there are actually three options in life, not two.


Good, bad, or neutral.


A piece of cake (as long as it is kosher of course) is a neutral object, neither good nor bad, capable of becoming good or bad!


So say I need to stay off chocolate and sugar then that piece of cake is not good.


On the other hand, say I need to serve desert, then I can’t think of anything better!


The same is with life.


We often get trapped in the good, bad, mechanism.


I think most religions and religious philosophies (i.e. philosophies coming from a religious mindset) create the good and evil conundrum.


This is not a good place to be, for one simply becomes robotic in doing some things and staying away from others.


The truth is far more simple, there isn’t a black / white reality rather a black white and shades of gray!


The thing is that there are basically two realities side by side



The first reality is the truth namely that all is God and God is all


But the second reality is also true albeit a perception


In other words, the fact that we see nothing but the tiny little wavelength (computer program) we are in, is also a truth, for it is the truth that God made for us to overcome!


So say, someone is playing a video game, is it really happening or not?


On one level the game is merely a creation and doesn’t really exist.


On another level the man is really playing the game, he really overcomes opponents, really achieves something (which is why people – especially boys love playing games!)


So in the final analysis we cannot escape that our non-reality is also a reality of sorts, and to us in fact is our only reality.


In fact even God himself is simply a tool, a mechanism for us to overcome, to succeed!


For example, the Rebbe says, even the lofty Godly soul, a part of God above, is really given to man as an accessory (a secret weapon) to assist you and me in our strenuous battle of light over darkness.


The darkness, though not real, is very real to us.


We need all the help we can get.


And this, of course, is the wisdom of Chassidus, a wisdom that allows us to see beyond the darkness into the reality; but ultimately – and yes this is a very big statement – its all about our personal challenge and God’s prayer that we overcome our selfish side and choose in our own free will to do acts of goodness and kindness!


Just as time always has continued, so it always will continue! so the thing to realize is, that time is a sequence of steps, the past, present and future (usually seen in a day, so yesterday, today, tomorrow; or a year, last year, this year, next year; so don’t worry! because whoever made the past is making the present and will make the future! and as God is kind, he progressively makes things better, but only progressively, for if you take someone from rags to riches he becomes delusional, but if you take a people from slavery to freedom, from birth as a nation to exile and then slowly have them come to understand your kindness and progressively make things more and more bright well then instead of blinding them your grow them!)


What would it be like to a have a birds eye view of reality

You see we see reality as a linear process i.e. we move forward while retaining a memory of what happened behind us, much like someone driving down a road.


But the truth is, that if you had like God has, a birds eye view of reality, as we say, in a single moment God sees the past, the present and the future; well then:


  • You would firstly and most importantly understand the sequences of events
  • You would (if you created the sequence) have such a grand design that can only be revealed in the messianic revelation
  • You would constantly rejoice, not necessarily in the present but in the culmination of the past and the present into the future



So what’s the solution to our leaderless society



The solution of course is to realize that man can never lead, for his inherent desire for self-agrandization at best, power/malevolence at worst; are merely selfish and /or destructive aims!


As perhaps most people understand this, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, we now will certainly a. be looking only towards God and his humble servants like the Rebbe and previous Tzaddikim to guide us and b. will embrace Moshiach / the Rebbe and in fact all of these Tzaddikim (as we say King David King Moshiach etc.) when they return, for ultimately God wanted us to get it, not be compelled into anything, for when man realizes – gets it – then he willingly, excitingly, joyously does the right thing.


If you understand this you understand today



The Rebbe teaches a prophecy from the book of Daniel that in preparation for the coming of Moshiach, Yisburirui Vislabnu!


Yisburirui Vislabnu quite simply can be described as the difference between Jacob and Esau (Yaakov and Esaiv.)


You see our sages teach us, that Esav, representative of gentile nations are like a hog.


What is unique about the hog – well the hog is a very unique kind of non-kosher animal (I believe only three animals are like it) in that he has split hoofs, so he has one of the kosher signs but unfortunately he doesn’t chew his cud, so he is not kosher.


So what does the hog do, he sticks out his feet, so when you look at him you don’t think he is not kosher, for he appears to be kosher.


In a similar vein, often Jews and even gentiles are conned by politicians thinking that these people are leaders, that their rhetoric justifies their positions, but there is no doubt that all gentile leaders have proved that behind their “idealism” lies a filthy person, whose actual aims are self agradization at best, malevolence at worst.