The noise



Is it joyful, is it noise?


Is it a melody, is it ghetto blasting?


The Previous Rebbe teaches that it used to be simple, you were on the train or off the train, but as Moshiach nears the station suddenly theres a hundred million destinations.


No one in the modern world disagrees that it didn’t bring comfort rather confusion.


I was once a lecturer in university and I mentioned to a good friend of mine Dr. Kulic a wise psychologist, that it seemed to me, the girls seem a bit confused, sort of unsettled, and he replied – not that I am vouching for his statement, rather the concept behind it – they have too many options!


It used to be simple, get married, raise a family!


With so many options, life doesn’t get better, it gets worse!


So ask yourself, what would I like to exclusively dedicate my life to; instead of allowing every advertisement, every desire, every new apple product to hijack me.

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