How God Works



In a most revealing talk on how God works, the Rebbe teaches three stages to everything God does which encompasses both the macro and micro level.


Step one, God has a desire for something.


Step two, God actualizes his action steps which brings about his desire.


Step three, mission accomplished!


For example, God desired a home in your heart.


Step two, God created a world, particularly our generation which was convinced there was no God, hence there was no compelling reason to fear him, and democracy is our religion, hence man is free to choose any sort of behavior.


In this vacuum of meaning and in man’s subsequent search for truth, man discovers – as Abraham did – God, and hence his relationship is not one of servant to master but as lover.


Step three, mission accomplished.


This phase obviously took millions if not untold millions of steps, however, remember the micro is also planned by God.


What happens after man discovers God


Then a new system kicks in, this is in fact the system that souls constantly ascend through in heaven.


In Hebrew the verse calls it Yeilchu mechayil el chayil, you will rise step after step.


In other words as God is infinite, mans first honeymoon in his discovery that there is a loving father in heaven, like a young bride in the arms of her husband is in the big scheme of things a somewhat brief honeymoon phase.


As God is infinite hence man has INFINITE (forever) in constantly rediscovering God (as it states by Abraham that he constantly rediscovered God) and constantly growing in his personal growth, and these too take on three stages.


God has a particular point he wants man to, say, discover, or grow in.


Then God does something – perhaps meeting someone who shares a wisdom which is inspirational and hence is taken to heart –


Then wallah, stage three – a deeper bond or a new lesson has been learned.

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