Daily Archives: May 6, 2012



You know that eureka flash of inspiration


Sometimes something is there, you just can’t explain it


So thank God I just figured out something which, well I’ll let you decide its significance


You see Judaism understands a different God, perhaps none understood it better than the Rebbe, for most people who think – i.e. not cultures based on just brute abuse of women and slaves – rather people who are tying to understand what the… is going on; all fall into the same trap, including philosophies and religions, even those based on Judaism.


The trap is the immutability of reality!


If you see reality as immutable, so you have range, say from intolerable to tolerable, and you always work within that range; in fact, it seems that all philosophies are simply mechanisms to make an intolerable life tolerable.


But, what if?


Yes, what if?!


What if all of reality can be reformed, reshaped, reenergized, in fact completely altered!!!


Suddenly the entire equation changes!?


No more is it a matter of comfort versus discomfort, its potential vs. reality.


Judaism is a potential reality; a struggle between utopia – for if God is infinite, utopia should be the reality – and a reality which doesn’t match the Divine potential.

To sum up the Rebbe’s infinite wisdom, it is to understand the essence of God, which is to understand that everything we experience is only rules created by a programmer, so no rule is a necessity, not even a world beyond our rules, for that too, would operate buy its own rules, rather, the only rule is what God desires, so you can combine both nature and supernatural within the natural world

The bottom line is we are trying to remove our ego, our limited vision and allow the Rebbe (Chassidus / Judaism) infinite wisdom to become our perception

If we don’t change today, tommorow will be, well, exactly the same as yesterday

Why wait for a crises to make us react when all we need to do is look at history and realize that we – as in every generation will fare the same unless we change the present for a better tomorrow

We can only do one thing at a time, so choose wisely

If we could imagine ourselves as a circuit that receives different energies and hence emanates those energies, we will understand the secret behind the flux of prayer times, Shabbos, holidays, and then the output of those energies during the rest of the working week