How to live a spiritual meaningful life on planet earth


Spirituality, contends Jewish mysticism, is not an end in itself.


Rather meaning is!


A life dedicated to meaningful pursuits, such as charity, helping others etc. etc. is the end goal!


Spirituality is selfish, is a true adage.


In the primary foundational text of Kabbalah it states “if your heart ascends, descend.”


In other words, our purpose is not to leave earth, rather to be better people on earth.


It is in this vain that remarkably, Judaism lacks a coherent philosophical framework.


Most religions, certainly esoteric ones, are all about an interpretation of reality so say a. has a take on, well just about everything!


Judaism has two fundamental parts, the spirituality part, which largely remained concealed until the Baal Shem Tov revealed it 3000 years after the giving of the Torah!


So a person can be a good Jew, not even knowing a stitch about the foundation of Judaism, for in essence being good is not necessarily related to knowing about the meaning of life, it relates far more to DOING good.


Ultimately though, the methodology (and of course far more enjoyable, for we tend to appreciate what we comprehend,) is understanding the reasons behind the actions, which comes about through Kabbalah / Chasssidus Jewish mysticism.


So the purpose of this little article is not to get too philosophical, rather to exclusively look at a spiritual path designated by Kabbalah / Chassidus, bearing in mind that it doesn’t negate the necessity of the practical good deeds, for to become a mystic and to leave life is not the goal, rather to have our spiritual existence make us even better people on earth!


  • Remove all desires – every desire you have, even good desires are traps, for when you don’t get what you want, it makes you miserable!
  • Desire to fulfill the will of God – the fundamental premise is, that God has a purpose for you and by figuring out what that purpose is and desiring to fulfill it you will align yourself with your mission and thus a. have the motive to do it and b. enjoy the accomplishment of doing it, for we feel great if we fulfill our desires!
  •  https://kabbalahwisdom.wordpress.com/how-to-find-the-meaning-of-your-life/