God is coming out through mans intellectual comprehension, after rejecting the stupidities of modern life (which effectively gave modern man the desires and fantasies of olden days) hence after finding the aimlessness, meaninglessness and purposelessness of modern western values the good souls (from Yaakov and Eisav) are searching for meaning, purpose and truth and of course this is (as one searcher told me who wasn’t Jewish) only in Judaism

Be Present   Once the Bochurim of Tomchei Temmimim were singing a Niggun (melody) as an introduction to a Mammer and being eager to hear the Mammer they were rushing the niggun.   The Rebbe Rashab (fifth Chabad) Rebbe, stopped the song and commented, someone who is genuine is completely immersed in what he is doing. Even if something is only an introduction to something else we need to be fully present.   Shabbos Parshas Pinchos Shabbos Mevarchim Menachem Av 5751   “He shall rule from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth” – what we need to observe and inculcate from Moshiach’s behavior: Self discipline on all of our abilities!   It states regarding Moshiach “He shall rule from sea to sea and from the river to the end of the earth.”   Why do we mention the seas when the rulership of Moshiach is over people who live on dry land? The completion of the days of Moshiach result from our Avodah (Torah and Mitzvos) in Galus (exile)   The answer can be explained in light of what the Alter Rebbe teaches in Tanya that the completion of the revelation in the messianic times is actually a result of the Torah and Mitzvos we currently do in exile. For through learning Torah and adhering to its Mitzvos we prepare the world and particularly the Jewish people for the messianic revelation.   As God repays in kind, hence its self understood that our efforts bringing the messianic revelation must be “in kind,” similar to the revelation that will be revealed then.   In other words – in order to reveal Moshiach from “sea to sea and from the river to the end of the earth” we need to do something that mimics such Read more…

I remember the first time I saw the term non-fiction – I thought “its strange to call something true a non thing.” Well as they say, “truth is stranger then fiction.” So today we shall explore a fundamental theme in Chassidus (Jewish mysticism called Daas Elyon and Daas Tachtoin, ruffly  translated as the difference between truth and fiction. Truth is that all that is real is God – anything that exists in its own perception, well exists only in its own perception; which is not to say that what we perceive to exist, isn’t true, rather, our perception of it isn’t, for it is only God. Fiction is the world we are born into, everything we sense to be real, what see, what hear, what smell, all of those things are simply fictions. Like a person who is in a video game, all of the reality he interacts with, very real reality to him (as Einstein says, “reality is a perception, albeit a very persistent one”) is a fiction – it isn’t real, it is only his perception based on his senses. This is why we have brains – an animal will never know the truth, for it cannot think independent of its sensations – what it senses is its reality and it is locked in by it. On the other hand, both science and Kabbalah teach us that everything we see not only is a singular energy coming from God it also appears and disappears so quickly (that we don’t sense it, hence don’t sense its reality) that it simply cannot be considered to independently exist (for anything that disappears, its reappearance is a miracle!)

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