Imagine that you are a Creator   As a creator well you can create   But there are no limits on how, what, where, when or why you create – you are an infinite creator!   Imagine a programmer who is a graphic designer, there truly are no limits on what he can make our computer do, look like, etc. In fact everything you see on a computer was a combination of programming and graphic design; so every program, every app, every game you have ever played, can all be created, meaning, anything but anything, is possible.   Now, if this is who you are, is it a big deal to make something, as my father once shared with me, it states, that it is not great for God that he created the world.   As a creator it is in fact like saying someone can speak – sure to a person who is God-forbid dumb, a person who can speak is perhaps in a league of his own, but for a person who can create, creation actually is meaningless.   However, there is still something that holds quite a significance and that is transformation through the created being.   Sure you can create, but can you create something which is limited and that limited thing will transform itself into a something unlimited.   When a Jew overcomes his Yetzer Hara and sees himself as God, for his soul is God and then submits his thoughts speech and actions to God – e.g. the Rebbe – then the otherwise limited human being (and of course this applies to every Jew even in a smaller way) merges the unlimited power of God in his limited being.

  We are likely to think that the world is not like it used to be!   I recently read a whole diatribe about the current youth and how mannerless they are written by I think Socrates!   We tend to see the problems!   But what if!   Yes what…   What if we look at the relative view?   Most of the time we don’t think in relativity, rather in black and white!   We have an ideal and compared to the ideal (which never happened in any event) for it is an imaginary ideal, reality falls short.   Looking at the world from a relative point of view: never has there been so much freedom, never has there been such a high emphasis on human rights, in fact, never has there been so few wars going on, in fact, never have Jews had as little real problems, and spiritually too, we should see not the negative but the positive.   As the Rebbe says, as the physical universe speeds up, so too does the spiritual!   What any Jew (perhaps any person) can access of God’s love, wisdom and even communication is unprecedented!  

  The fact is, that if we think about it in reference to the world leaders, a unsurprising revelation comes out! Are they using the God app? No! Are they using the thought App? Obviously not! Are they using “this makes me feel good, or this makes me feel bad app?” Mainly, in the western world! Are they using the “Ego, I” App? Mainly in Dictatorships. That’s why we need Moshiach!

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