Why we need God





The theory is definitely available, that man without God can be just as good, if not better then man with God.

If we look around the world today, there are millions of atheists who happen to be very good people.

But how did we arrive at the world we have today?

Living in Africa, closer to ancient man, we see clearly that we only arrived at where we are in the western world, because of the Jewish God!

In other words, man without God is a selfless rapist, and will kill to do whatever he wants which is the reality in Africa.

For example, a poll shows that a staggering 25% of African men have raped a women, but even more amazing is that these are not their lower class but “their upper class” for in their thinking, the more they get “the chief etc.” the more they are entitled to have!

And now we discover why man needs God to be good.

In fact, our entire society is based on what is called Judeo-Christian ethics and we know the ethics of the Romans before they came to Christianity (and for perhaps a few millennia after as well.)

In other words, if a person doesn’t have an absolute conviction that he is a dependent, he then believes he is independent, to the extent that his value-prestige-ability rises, so does his imagination of what he can and should get! and as he is independent, there is nothing in this world that will stop him from taking it, raping, murdering.

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