Moshiach Was Always Here

The Lubavitcher Rebbe has an incredible teaching about the fundamental revelation / alteration of reality that will occur in the Messianic era.

One of the Hebrew words for exile is Golah, however if you add just one very important letter it becomes the Hebrew word for redemption / Ge-ula.

So all you need is the Hebrew letter Alef / G-d, and the very same world which hitherto was dark, devoid of G-dliness, mired in confusion, apathy and sometimes worse; suddenly, will become paradise, a haven of blissful love, of unprecedented cooperation between all people, where nations will literally beat their swords into plowshares, for no nation will teach military maneuvers, for all nations will accept the Messiah as their moral guide.

Sounds a bit of a fantasy, but a simple story proves it, and in fact as you will soon see, it is a current reality for many souls.

They say a man was once offered a tour of heaven and hell by G-d. He felt that as most of his buddies would be in hell he might as well start there. And so, he entered into a large chamber with million of tables and benches next to them, with truly a repast fit for royalty. “Not to bad” thought he. However there was a peculiar item in middle of the table, for the cutlery was as long as the width of the table. Suddenly a haggard bunch of irritable people charged into their assigned seats, but here he saw why it was called hell, for it was impossible to get a morsel of food in. Imagine really wanting something, but you can’t have it and it is right in front of you – enough to drive a man crazy.

Then he was shown heaven, but remarkably the chamber, the benches, the utensils, were exactly the same. Suddenly the bell chimes and in walked content, happy, people, chatting gaily and when they sat down in an orderly manner they took turns feeding each other.

Additionally, the fundamental difference between heaven and earth is only one of revelation and concealment.

In heaven, G-dly light is their prime reality and hence reality; whereas on earth, G-dly darkness is our prime reality – as G-d is concealed behind the nature of nature – and therefore technically, all we need to do is turn on the light, and walla heaven is on earth.

In other words – as the Rebbe says – heaven is right in front of our eyes, but our eyes have a very narrow bandwidth allowing in exactly the wavelengths G-d designates. The same is true with all of our senses.

When Moshaich comes, we will see what is seen on heaven – although it is impossible for us to imagine what it looks like; but the verse clearly states “eye to eye you will see G-d.”

So Moshaich is already here, all we need to do, is to realize that the light of G-d is concealed in order to reveal!

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