From Joy To Seriousness To Balance


We (hopefully) begin life in joy!

Well taken care of – delusionally confident, a young boy (and hopefully girl too,) is ready to change the world!

At some stage, we encounter the darker, unfeeling, and sometimes evil side of humanity.

As King David said, “in my haste I said, ‘all men are corrupt.”

Imagine that – a world filled with corrupt people!

What would be the reaction?

Fear, anxiety; hence a person will retreat, protect, and most often disengage!

But the truth is, all people are born into the same reality!

Ultimately, it is God’s will, we experience this transition, for the truth is in the middle; neither irrational joy, rather joy based on the foundation that Ein Oid Milvadio! All is God! coupled with positive achievement, for the greatest joy known to man, is self satisfaction over positive contributions to society, as well as the ability to understand, that to place ones trust in man is foolhardy.

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