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These days there are apps, well just about for everything!

Did you know we also have apps!

There are five possible apps that can run you!

Yep you!

You see, we have three functions; thoughts, speech and actions, and these functions are controlled by apps.

Yep apps!

The free app that every moron can access is called I.



“I want it” – doesn’t matter why, it’s the I that dictates everything!!!

The next app which comes on a thirty day trial, is called the heart app.

In this app you don’t “I things” rather you want things – “that will make me feel good, that will make me feel bad,” you see, your feelings run your functions, your thought, speech, and feelings, which, well, most of all, dictate, what you do as well.

The next app is very expensive, very heavy on your battery/energy, its called thinking – the thinking app is usually too expensive (or more likely considered too expensive) but the ROI (return on investment) is reported to be an exceptional one.

The fourth app, ironically, is a gift, it comes from the God of Apple, who in his kindness gives it to all people and that is, to access any google question just by asking (e.g. you can simply ask God for what to do and the first thought that comes into your mind is God’s reply to you.) This app ironically is rarely used for there is a virus in our brains that tells us that this app isn’t real but whenever users write, they report that its GPS-like ability is accurate.

The fourth app, sorry fifth app, well its going to be released after  Moshiach comes!