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All things are made of things which are also made of things but the thing is, that eventually when you get right down to the bottom of the things ladder all things are the singular energy of God appearing to be things that make up things that make up things!

The hidden truth

Chassidim say – and whatever Chassidim say is true according to the Rebbe Rashab – that Freud dug in the earth (subconscious) and found worms, had he dug deeper he would have found water.

The Rebbe teaches, there are three layers to ourselves:

1. Absolutely Divine goodness

2. Our instincts

3. Our behavior

I asked my sweet spiritual five year old son today the most philosophical question I could, and I loved his answer, “For who did Hashem make the world, Eliezy?” “For Everyone!” he joyfully replied.

The problem in the world is not evil, rather it is the good, who don’t dedicate their lives (I am thinking primarily of myself here) with as much passion as the evil

All you got to do to beat the dark forces and enter into infinite continuous light is this

The Rebbe teaches that Judaism rests on two principles and as we know, easier to know the principles and then do the actions, then to know the principles from the actions.

1. We are servants of God, our sole purpose in life is to fulfill his desires as expressed in the Torah

2. We are grateful for the blessings in our life.

Why we need God

The theory is definitely available that man without God can be just as good, if not better then man with God.

If we look around the world today, there are millions of atheists who happen to be very good people.

But how did we arrive at the world we have today?

Living in Africa, closer to ancient man, we see clearly that we only arrived at where we are in the western world because of the Jewish God!

In other words, man without God is a selfless rapist, and will kill to do whatever he wants which is the reality in Africa.

For example, a poll shows that a staggering 25% of African men have raped a women, but even more amazing is that these are not their lower class but “their upper class” for in their thinking, the more they get “the chief etc.” the more they are entitled to have!

And now we discover why man needs God to be good.

In fact, our entire society is based on what is called Judeo-Christian ethics and we know the ethics of the Romans before they came to Christianity (and for perhaps a few millennia after as well.)

In other words, if a person doesn’t have an obsolete conviction that he is a dependent, he then believes he is independent, to the extent that his value-prestige-ability rises, so does his imagination of what he can and should get! and as he is independent, there is nothing in this world that will stop him from taking it, raping, murdering.

Once there was a man


Zevi was his name


But he forgot that this world is a game


He took it too serious and then came shame


For all it is, is a game to beat the Yetzer Hara, ego, and desire for fame; and instead see all that we have the same

Here’s the truth

You see what was the first thing God spoke to the first Jew?

You would imagine some kind of revelation like “I am God!”

Nope, it wasn’t who God is, for that he discovered through his intelligence, realizing there must be an awesome designer if there is an awesome design in nature!

Rather it was what we call in Jewish (Chassidish) Avodah!

How to serve God; how to fulfill your mission in life!

Go beyond yourself!

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