The truth


The truth is that if you look from the inside out, you will see the truth; but if you look from the outside in, you never will.


For thousands of years, searching minds trying to discover God, reality, from the outside in have failed; so let’s look through the eyes of God revealed through Kaballah / Chassidus what reality is:


1. Everything is God


2. God created within God, three dimensions which consists everything “under” God, time – the essence of a universe, for it contains a past, present and future; space – the space in which the next dimension – souls or angels traverse in a universe.


Generally speaking there are four universes: Atzilus, so called because it is close and in it the souls can see that all is really God, Beriah, a universe in which creations feel more of themselves and less of God.


Yetzirah, even more so of Beriah, and Asiya, almost completely dark i.e. we see only ourselves and not God.


3. It is our job to transform darkness to light!


We do this in three ways:


A. One, through adhering to the laws of the Torah for this implants God or the essence of God currently concealed from the eye within the world, which is why God’s essence and his personality namely the infinite ability to unite opposing forces i.e. through God communicating through natural mediums like a message to someone (e.g. prophecy etc.) to man.


B. Particularly when we need to overcome a selfish instinct to do a good deed this has an incredibly vast amount of Godly energy which manifests.


C. By refining who we are, not as Darwinian apes, rather as souls, which as everything is God, hence certainly our soul is God.

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