The biggest mistake we make when we are Jewish


Imagine driving down the road and of course your GPS navigates your ride


Now imagine thinking, “well my GPS told me to take a left three turns ago, so I must take a left in the future turns as well!”


The same is true with Judaism:


Yes, Judaism relies on a fixed premise but this premise includes, even obligates, and of course necessitates, within its premise, continuous change.


For example, the third Mitzvah of the Torah in one of the countings is, that in every generation God will “appoint a prophet from among you” – someone far greater intellectually, spiritually etc. than everyone else – and you must listen to him.


Not only must you listen, but even if he temporarily says, like Elijah the prophet did, to do something forbidden in the Torah (sacrificing outside of the Beis Hamikdosh) it is then God’s will that you should follow.


In fact the Sanhedrin was given incredible power in the Torah, as we know they have the power to revoke a positive commandment, hence we do not blow Shofar on Rosh Hashanah – imagine that, Rosh Hashanah that falls out on Shabbos we do not blow the Shofar despite the fact that the Torah says to blow it!


Every prophet from Abraham to the Rebbe (though I can think of no example of this with the Rebbe) temporarily suspended Judaism as they obligated to for the sake of listening to God (Abraham of course knew it was forbidden to sacrifice his son but also knew that when God says something you listen.)


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