The lessons of a dead raccoon



Kindness, it’s a funny thing


Sometimes you need to kill


You see, a raccoon came along the street and according to the experts, usually they don’t show up during the day and especially don’t sloth around in front of people


They had some kind of disease, dysentery, which causes them to slowly pass away


So they came by…


A big gunshot was heard, and the raccoon is now in a better place


Sometimes killing is kindness, though usually not


The bottom line that I took at this quite amazing hashgachaha pratis (Divine Providence) for usually such things do not occur – in fact, is the only time it occurred in the decades I have lived and visited Kansas City, is this.


It is not who we are that makes a difference, it is what we do!


We may consider ourselves the most noble person, yet allow others to die, or worse kill others as hundreds of millions of Muslims want to, and as hundreds of millions of Christians have done in the past, ON MORAL GROUNDS!


So it’s not who we are that makes a difference, it’s what we do.


When our actions help, we are helpful people.


When our actions hurt, we are people who hurt – it’s just that simple!

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