Understanding God



Of course it is a very broad statement to say, understanding God, but I think I have come to realize something which changes our understanding, hence increases our understanding, of God.


You see, all of us can only compare God to perhaps the greatest human, but even the greatest human, is limited, and God is unlimited, hence we all make a mistake when we think of God, for we are limiting him.


The truth is, that if look at the constants, the few things the Torah teaches us, which are the root cause of all causes, the foundation of all foundations, the purpose of all purposes, we will have an ability, clarity, of who God is visa-vie man.


Now the simple mistake is, that we see God as a teacher – so say you had a teacher, therefore there is a thought, an idea – even Einstein himself – but highly specific, limited; just he knows something you don’t; so you now come to listen to him.


What if, yes what if, your teacher didn’t have anything to teach you at all; rather could always teach you something new.


Pretend you have an unlimited computer, so every time you learnt something, it would immediately spit out a new fact, equation, lesson in life etc.!!!


Now that’s God.



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