The Rebbe teaches us to understand God from a computer

In fact all of modern technology was predicted as the parables to understand God or Godliness by the holy Zohar, that in the year 1860 God will open the floodgates of wisdom of above (Kabbalah / Chassidus) and the floodgates of the wisdom of below, science, resulting in technology, and these wisdoms would converge in anticipation of the coming of the infinite age of the Messiah’s teachings, light etc.

Now what is so interesting, is, that the Rebbe explains, that the key intent of course is for a limited human with a spatial temporal mind (we can only imagine things relative to our paradigm of a thing that exists in a bubble – i.e. with the limits of the six directions of space: up down, forward back, right left, and sequentially presented, similar to like watching a movie) and this limited instrument should be able to conceive of an unlimited God where there are no limits of space or time, neither limited to it, nor limited to not be in it, for all can be.

So a computer is the ultimate example!

What is a computer? nothing more, though nothing less (than relatively speaking – i.e. relative to our limited capabilities) an infinite mathematical processor.

Is a computer smarter than a human – of course not; the fact is, that humans program computers.

But is a computer faster than a human – of course, yes!

So, if you had infinite speed in your processing power, then you could have a single computer in which all computers are hooked up into, similar to the idea of the cloud, that google is offering businesses, to have all of their word processing, accounting etc. hooked into the internet, so to do this you don’t need a computer, all you need is a connection to the cloud; once on the internet, say, from your blackberry etc., you use their single gigantic computer capable of “infinite” mathematical processes, so now you have a new paradigm, a hitherto unthought-of power, how each and every person (quite literally) can be hooked up into an infinite mind and this mind can give advice, “love,” teachings etc. etc. to each and every user.

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